As you may have guessed, my name is Aqsa Hussain. I am a 20 year old university student currently spending a year studying in Germany (and extremely close to Hockenheim)! I usually live and study in the UK.

This blog marks my second attempt at blogging and you can still find my first blog here. Like the first, this blog will also be all about Formula 1. However, unlike the first, I won’t be doing posts like reviews of every single session of every single race weekend. Sometimes these types of posts, particularly race reviews, can turn out very long and also a bit mundane to read for people who watched the race anyway. There are also tonnes of websites out there who can do a much better and faster job of providing detailed accounts of individual sessions than I can. Formula 1 has remained my passion and biggest interest despite me not updating the first blog since around August/September 2012 and so here I am with round two. This blog will instead feature opinion pieces on the biggest talking points of F1 and highlight the stories that I find the most interesting or that I feel provoke the most discussion or debate.

Although I will be featuring mainly opinion pieces I will try to keep the blog impartial in terms of team/driver support to ensure that anything I do give my opinion on is free of bias and based on fair judgement.

Thank you for visiting!